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Aluc Radio 0x29

theAluc and the Dark Operator @Carlos_Perez are talking about what he is up to, last weeks news tools updates and cons… BerlinSides 0x3 the inofficial day

Physical security, we try to show the principles of hand to hand combat


28c3 The engineering part of social engineering


Keynote Brucon 2011

Aluc chats about incidence response…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x28

… today my guests @maradydd and @thequux and per Skype @dymaxion


Aluc.Radio EP 0x27

FX and the Aluc talking about PH-Neutral, Parties while having a good time drinking „Русский Стандарт Gold“…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x26
@maradydd Jayson and Aluc talking programing, interesting Bio Projects, Lan and Depression… and a new start


Aluc.Radio EP 0x25

@451wendy Jayson and Aluc talking Security…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x24 

Aluc interviews Joe McCray at the 2011 Brucon


Aluc.Radio EP 0x23

@wimremes @jasonstreet and Aluc talking about Wim going for the bord of the isc2, aluc rants about a charlatan who got the credits on cons for what he never did research for and everything he writes technicaly is crap… certs and more…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x22

@greybrimstone … @jaysonstreet and aluc talking about networkintrusion with a mouse the industry #antisec lulsec and all this „attention-whores“ ans the Norway shooting…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x21

@carnal0wnage @jasonstreet and Aluc talking about LaresConsulting Pentesting Oracle The typical ranting … Good bye to @lensassaman who sadly passed away today R.I.P. we will miss you!


Aluc.Radio EP 0x20 

Aluc.Radio EP0x20 with Martin @mckeay and @jaysonstreet < Working Jayson into a lather about Apple


Aluc.Radio EP 0x1F

@astera, @jack_daniel and theAluc talking about #Ninjacon, Talks, Cons and life in general…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x1E

The post PH ep with: @dakami, @iiamit,@JohnBumgarner and last but not least our wonderful @banasidhe


Aluc.Radio EP 0xD

the missingEP somehow the Upload did not work…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x1C

Aluc.Radio EP0x1C: @JohnBumgarner @jaysonstreet and Aluc talking about the SONY FAIL . The typical Sony/RSA ranting …


Aluc.Radio EP 0x1B 

@andreasdotorg @jaysonstreet and Aluc talking about a theorem based program language, a PDF Parser and The typical ranting


Aluc.Radio EP 0x1A

@unicorn_threat @jaysonstreet @macode and aluc talking about incidence response and other things. its recorded on a mcbookair in Sarajevo. Somehow we have a feedback which i can’t fix


Aluc.Radio EP 0x19

@iiamit @stfn42 and @jaysonstreet talking about the pentest standard


Aluc.Radio EP 0x18

@seccubus @SteveSmiley @jaysonstreet @macode and Aluc talking about Seccubus2, Unicorn Threads RSA and more…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x16

@andreasdotorg @jaysonstreet and Aluc talking about the CCC, Politics privacy …


Aluc.Radio EP 0x15

@Kamerazukleber @lvdeijk @jaysonstreet and Aluc talking about Pentesting, Honeypods, @macode reappears.The typical ranting


Aluc.Radio EP 0x14 

@dive_monkey @jack_daniel @jaysonstreet and Aluc talking about Bsides London, Bsides, Excalibur Con and ranting about Ligatt and th3j35t3r…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x13

@lvdeijk @jaysonstreet and Aluc talking about Honeypods, AlucX the FreeBSD based ToolBox, Stuxnet, Dancho Danchev, BerlinSides New Year in Berlin and some other upcomming events. The typical ranting …


Aluc.Radio Brucon Special: Interview with Dildog (Christien Rioux)

@dildog and Aluc talking about l0phtcrack … it was on video, but since i had a fail …


Aluc.Radio EP 0x12 

@achillean @jasonstreet and Aluc talking about Shodan, Wikileaks, Ligatt, BerlinSides and some other upcomming events. The typical ranting … and some comments from a Boxer referring to EL EP 70 😉


Aluc.Radio EP 0x11

@Carlos_Perez @jaysonstreet and Aluc talking about Red Team Attacks, Wikileaks, TSA, North Korea, Guns, BerlinSides and some other upcoming events. The typical ranting …


Aluc.Radio EP 0x10

@MJCdotMe @jasonstreet and Aluc talking about Dojocon, where @MJCdotMe and Aluc getting in a interesting debate about sponsorship after that @JohnBumgarner joins and gives a prediction of future attacks in „Cyber“ warfare….


Aluc.Radio EP 0xF

@Nickf4rr @Jaysonstreet @macode @thealuc talking about HackersonPlane Excaliburcon and Berlinsides…while Aluc, who has some guests in the house, thinks his box is pwned (later he finds out osx libraries just fucked up)


Aluc.Radio EP 0xE 

The EP with @MikD and @jaysonstreet about securityBsides … and more


the HeadHacker Episode Aluc.TV Brucon Special

… i felt so dizzy and there it was… a interview was recorded… was i there? Learn about Social Engeneering with the one and only @daleapearson (@headhacking)!


Aluc.Radio EP 0xD

@seccubus @jaysonstreet and aluc a talking about seccubus the brucon and random security related stuff


Aluc.TV PauldotCOMdotORGdotNETdotBEdoDEdotEDUdotTV

@Pauldotcom tells Aluc how to take over the world with embedded devices…


Aluc.Radio EP 0xC

@marcusjcarey @jasonstreet and Aluc talking about Source, Brucon DojoCon and some other upcomming events. Marcus schares his brilliant ideas. The typical ranting and some thoughts about what happend in iran and in the old media…


Aluc TV Brucon Special „that_Nickerson“

(with @indi303 , @dalepearson and a sleeping developer) … something strange happened to me at Brucon 2010. My Monitor started flickering and i had the experience of the Nickeson kind.



the PaulDotAlucDiscussDisasterEuroLiability: For the first time in the history of security podcasters meetups, podcasters from three continents will join forces at Brucon on September 24th, 2010 to record a podcast episode


Aluc-Hitler Outtake

This Outtake is from Sysops.TV and mentioned in the Aluc.TV Brucon Special EP: „…that Nickerson“ … since Chris wanted it… there you go!


Aluc.Radio EP 0xB

with @0ph3lia @Jaysonstreet, @macode and Aluc Kinda slow podcast with everyone being tired and play around with hers/his computer… don’t expect to much…


Aluc.TV EP 0x08

Aluc and @macode do their usual things, the interview with the Head Hacker @daleapearson had to be cut out due a real bad audio quality. We gonna bring this later…


Aluc.Radio EP 0xA

Aluc.Radio EP0A with @iiamit, @jaysonstreet and @theAluc doing their usual weekly ranting and talk about random security related shit is up


Aluc.Radio EP 0x09

DM8TBR, @ChrisJohnRiley, @Ketobi ,@macode and Aluc talking about a nice archos linux distro and random security related stuff…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x08

@jack_daniel, @jaysonstreet and @thealuc talking about the Suff of the last week… and more… somehow there was no recording after the 8th minute, this is now fixed. Thanx again to the @THE5TAMPEDE.


Aluc.Radio EP 0x07

@daleapearson, @j0emccray, @momo, @Jaysonstreet, @macode and Aluc are talking about this weeks InfoSec themes… the sound fails later in the Episode and we have a nasty echo… Sorry


Aluc.Radio EP 0x06

@spacerog @wimremes, @jaysonstreet and Aluc talking random security related stuff.


Aluc.Radio EP 0x05

Aluc.Radio EP5 with @jaysonstreet @jack_daniel @bbaskin @macode and Aluc talking random security related stuff.


Aluc.Radip EP 0x04

Aluc.Radio EP4 with @jaysonstreet @sawaba @macode and Aluc talking random security related stuff.


Aluc.Radio EP 0x03

Aluc.Radio EP3 with @Nickf4rr @0ph3lia @sawaba @macode and Aluc talking random security related stuff. We have a problem with to much echo…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x02

@jaysonstreet, @dakami, deamonman, @macode and aluc talking about Social Engineering and random thoughts about InfoSec and more…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x01

After 3 Day’s and Nights PH-Neutral, talking random thoughts about InfoSec and more… with @dakami DeamonMan @macode and Aluc….
Aluc.TV EP 0x07 „The first Exploit“

In this episode @macode shows xss session stealing and sql inject password stealing in theory, while Aluc is unboxing a astaro, and later talks about loops and conditions with assembly and how to write your own exploit a first look… iPhone OS4 vs HTC Desire Rom will be in a seperate ep.

Aluc.TV EP 0x06 „arming Metasploit“

@macode shows usertracking with xss, a 3d scanner and how to own a smartpen. @theAluc describes the structure of a assembly program shows a simple program with an add function and describes what do in a part of it’s source. Later @theAluc arms up his copy of metasploit.

Aluc.TV EP 0x05 Assembly first shot

In this Special Episode, Aluc tells you a bit about your CPU and Briefly how Assembly works (Overtired as usually, sorry I got to fix that.). The Slides are in the Show Notes and the mentioned Debug output as well. It’s a dry Episode, but if you want to start with Assembly it’s needed.


Aluc TV EP 0x04 „Digging a bit deeper“

I got to say sorry totaly overtired left the outakes in ;)…macode and Aluc showing xss redirecting than Aluc demonstrates the different msf UI’s. Mubix tells us what the meterpreter is, and last but not least macode steals passwords with sql inject…

Aluc.TV EP 0x03 „The first steps in Exploitation, the Beginners Lesson“

This time we start with exploitation for Beginners, @macode shows a XSS attack, @theAluc starts with a series of metasploit from A to Z and last but not least a little SQL Inject takes place.


Aluc TV at the CeBIT

Aluc @ the CeBIT


Aluc_TV_EP 0x02 Network scanning with mobile Devices

aluc and macode are scanning Aluc’s Network running NMAP on the iPhone, Nessus on the Nexus One and Nessus 4.2 on the little Sony
at the end of the Episode Aluc is ranting anout all the unwanted Goodies of OSX. EXPLICIT!
This time the ColorKeying is not good, since i cut this Episode on a mbp…


Aluc TV EP 0x01 Informaton Gathering with mobile Devices

Aluc shows theHarvester on the iPhone mocks Kevin Mitnick with maltego by gathering personal Informations on the little Sony and uses Firefox to gather even more personal Information on the Nexus One. Last but not least Aluc gives some installation instructions for metasploit on the Nexus One.

Aluc TV EP0 : Hacking Fun with Mobile Devices with Aluc and @macode Aluc is preparing the mean Devices?chrooting the N1, preparing an customized OSX and fix a fucked up iPhone? 71 min. HD Quality 1280×720. The sound will be fixed in the next episode…